The Estimate:It all starts with a FREE in-home estimate, which is us taking a look at what needs to be moved.  We'll let you know how long it's going to take and what it's going to require.  Before we leave your home you will be provided with your estimate!

The Move: When you enlist the services of Varsity Moving, you are trusting a company that believes in the quality of its employees, the integrity of its services, and a commitment to its customers. We work diligently to provide the perfect moving experience at an affordable price.

The Bill: We know that when you move, you don’t want to get a bill from your moving company that requires you to pay hidden fees; and we’ll never charge you them! When you work with our team, you’ll quickly learn why Varsity Moving has become one of the most trusted team of movers in the state of New Jersey!

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We are Piano and Organ specialists with the ability to move all types of pianos (Spinets, Uprights, Baby Grand and Grand).


Expect us to wrap all your items securely in clean and protective moving pads to avoid scratches and other incidental damage before they are moved. 

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TEL: (732) 833-0100


Varsity Moving can provide crating when required. Crating is a logical solution for transporting items such as fine art and sculptures, mirrors, glass or marble tops, chandeliers, antiques, trophies and statues. Some objects cannot be safely packed and transported without being crated on-site. With proper planning, your moving team will arrive with specialized crates built in our warehouse, specifically for your item.

Don't make a move without us!

Need to move that beautiful chandelier? We've got you covered!

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The packing of a home can be a very daunting task that requires a significant commitment of time and energy. Let us put your mind at ease.

art & antiques

we can pack, crate and move any antiques or specialized items.  Big screen T.V's, Gun Safes, Pool Tables and other large items.  If you need it moved, Varsity can do it!


Found the perfect office space for your company to grow in? Need to change locations for your business to succeed? Let us handle the moving so you can stay focused on working! 

Varsity's trucks are pre-stocked with the equipment and tools needed especially to meet our qualifications for your moving needs. This equipment is used to move your furniture safely and efficiently. Our policy on protecting your property is to properly prep your home and your household goods before moving the items. If needed, our movers are instructed to lay pads and runners down on hardwood floors, tile floors or any floor that could be damage due to moving articles over them. Our policy is to protect your wood banisters and rails by pad wrapping them before we start to move items around them. When it comes to your furniture, our policy is to pad wrap and or shrink wrap each item if necessary for the protection of the article and the home. We do not remove the pads off the furniture until the item is placed in your new home or office, This will either reduce or eliminate most damages.